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From: Eugene Houton 

 Lorraine was my sister, she liked me a lot because I would sit and talk to her and if I had to go to the store I took her with. She liked being with her big brother and he also would listen to her stories . when I came home at night after basic training, she didn't know who was coming up the stairs ,until I coughed , and she recognized the cough. She got so excited she passed out in bed, she told me this.

From: Gail & Bob Darm 

So many memories from birthdays, holidays, and special occasions (Lorrie was John's Godmother a very proud moment for her), she just loved all you kids and being with family. She holds a special place in my heart. I could go on for days at all the times we spent together, she will always be in our memories & prayers.

From: Marti Rao 

As friends, I never dreamed she would become my sister in law. We shared so many laughs, confidences and adventures as friends and then family. We kept in touch for many years, but distance and time took us both away from Chicago and we lost touch. Sweet, funny, hardworking and a devoted mom, Lorrie gave me a part of her heart when I became her son’s Godmother. So much of her is reflected in his creativity, sense of humor, caring and kindness.

From: Karen Cornell 

Growing up, I always kind of thought of her as a second mother. Her and my mother were so close. I was lucky enough that she moved here when my kids were small so they could grow up knowing her too. She was always so much fun, and so loving when I was a child and It was a wonderful relationship to have as an adult. I still can't believe she's gone, she will be missed forever.

From: Linda Cornell

Lorraine was not only my sister she was my friend. We could always make each other giggle with memories of our childhood. My heart aches and I miss her more than I can ever say. When I get to Heaven she can show me the ropes. I love you Lorraine

From: Janet Rollins

I miss her greatly. Growing up, I remember how excited I would be if Aunt Lorraine was coming over. As an adult, I got the privilege of getting to know her not only as my Aunt, but as my friend. She was always so easy to talk to. I find it hard to sum up how she touched my life because there could never be enough space or enough words to do her memory justice.

From: Stan Muklewicz

Lorraine will be missed by so many more than most people will ever know. I've known Lorraine on many different levels. The things I remember about Lorraine is how kind and loving she was and is. She always had a positive attitude even when things didn't go well. She is now with Jesus. May God's blessing be upon her!

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